Heaven is a place were God rules the landscape. It is a gorgeous place beyond descrption. I of course have never been there but in the bible it says that the roads are made of gold and the palace were God lives is a magnifcent place that people would loose their breathe if they saw it. When you go to heaven God will have a crown with jewels of many colors. God will have given you this crown because you have done many things good in your life to have earn these jewels. Do not do good stuff for the glory of people or the fame but for the glory of God. God has given us a great chance to please him in all we do. If we do stuff for the fame or the glory of people the reason we did it will be off track and there is no reason you should of done it. So heaven is a special place were you can talk to God and express your feelings. Now you will have no sadness in heaven you will feel no pain. Your worries will be exctint and forsaken. You will never be overweight you will be healthy and fulfilled with the Glory of God and you will live in heaven forever and ever. Know stop and think for a minute and think "How long is forever and ever" (it is a very long time). God has already made a place for you a house and a great welcome hug. Please the Lord in all you do!!!!!!

God Bless,


Your Writer

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