Living like a christian is a very important thing in your life. You can either ignore it or love it an take care of it. Like some people say that they are christians and then may go and steal,or murder or etc. When you say you are a christian you need to mean it. Don't abuse the saying of I am a christian. If you want to become a christian go to your local church or talk to a family member or friend about it and sometimes you don't need to go talk to an adult or friend you can talk to God about it. He is always there for you and always will be to nurture you and give you hope and faith for the future and always.

Remember God loves you in so many ways he can not express them all to you. He is jealous for you. Not in a bad way but in a way that he wants to have you as a friend and live in your heart to be there for you. When you need love and suport not from you family, grandparents and etc. Go to God an talk about it and also remember praying is talking a listening don't always just do the talking. Because he needs to tell you stuff too.

Your Writer and friend,


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